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Eighty per cent of people who think about or attempt suicide have sent out a warning sign to those around them , however, few will make a direct request for help to deal with their suicidal thoughts.

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In Crisis?

If you are in crisis and possibly having thoughts about suicide, please take steps immediately to find the help you need. It may be difficult, but there are many people and organizations wanting to help you.

This site is not a crisis service and cannot provide any counselling or crisis intervention. We strongly recommend that you seek guidance from a professional caregiver. Please go to the nearest emergency room if you need immediate assistance. We encourage you to talk to a friend or family member who can help you or help you find care from a health professional.

Please click here
for a list of on-line resources and information about local crisis centers.

We sincerely hope you will reach out to find the help you need and that someday soon you will want to participate in The Reasons to go on Living Project.